Cron CTP


A unique compact machine which combines autoloader, platesetter and punch for the highest productivity and smallest footprint.

The H-series range combines fully automated plate loading with de-leafing and precision punching, providing a low cost easy-to-use compact CTP device which is easy to maintain – and has a footprint at 60% the size of comparable units.

G+ Series

The G+ series features the latest generation lasers and liquid cooling to ensure maximum reliability and fast throughput. .

Units can be operated as a manual load or combined with an automatic plate loader with a capacity of up to 500 plates, providing a fast and convenient flow of plates for the majority of printing applications from A3 to B1. Plate punching is built in to the platesetter which can support 3 sets of punch dies.

Standard ‘G’ models

Thermal and UV computer to plate systems from Cron offer a high quality, low-cost solution in 26”, 36” and 46” formats.

Numerous configurations are available in addition to the standalone system including autoloader, stacker and processor (UV)