The SOS range of coatings offer the very best in performance and finish..

Good press stability
Fast drying on a wide range of stocks
Ideal for work and turn applications
Hi level of performance beyond 16,000 sheets per hour
Proven and designed to work on the latest press & ink technologies
Hi rub resistance

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Here is an example of just a few coatings available:

DS Matt Emulsion

A smooth Matt emulsion with high drying speed, with a viscosity of 35-40.

DS Silk Emulsion

Smooth Silk for everyday use with high drying speed, viscosity of 33-38.

DS Neutral Emulsion

A non enhancing sealer ideal for use on metallics, a high drying speed with viscosity of 33-38.

SS High Gloss Emulsion

A general purpose packaging gloss emulsion, a medium drying speed and a gloss of 60, viscosity of 33-37.

DS High Speed Gloss Emulsion

A high speed gloss for non absorbent substrates, high drying speed with a gloss of 50-55 and viscosity of 35-40.

DS Non Crazing Emulsion

Advanced formulation for heavy inked areas, medium to high drying speed, viscosity of 33-38.

SS High Viscosity High Gloss Emulsion

A high viscosity SS emulsion ideally suited for hot climates, slow to medium drying speed, viscosity of 55-60.

Low Curl Silk Emulsion

Specifically formulated for use on low grammage light weight substrates where sheet cure and distortion occurs.

Available in 25, 125, 205 & 1,000Kg container

Water Miscible Sealers

For dry offset or lithographic
Wet on wet or wet on dry
Good rub resistance

Available in Matt, Gloss, Neutral, Silk and Satin in 2.5 Kg